November 13, 2021

Jann announces Descendant, her 15th studio album, arriving January 28, 2022.

Jann has announced the forthcoming release of her 15th studio album, Descendant, arriving January 28, 2022.

Produced by Bob Rock, Russell Broom and Jann Arden, Descendant arrives as a 15-song collection representing the last 18 months of Arden’s life and headspace. A bold, beautiful, and empowering sound of Jann Arden, Descendant signifies a return to form, reflecting on where she came from and where she is headed. The album is preceded with the release of the heartfelt song “Steady On.”

A Note From Jann Arden:

“This was one of the most organic, whimsical records I’ve ever written; all things considered, it could have been a wrestling match to make music at all. As the entire world has discovered, good things come out of bad things. We were all forced to strip down, reevaluate our lives and our jobs and our relationships. We were forced to think about what we really wanted and where we wanted to go. We thought about time and how precious it was and is. We baked, walked, thought, read, and watched our way into a big, altered state. We remade our lives and cast aside trivial unimportant things.

All the songs on Descendant came out of a place of gratitude. Working again with Russell Broom after a lengthy separation was magical for both of us. Russell was working on amazing soundscapes in his studio, intimate grooves and textures that inspired me just to put it all out there. I also wrote two incredible songs with Darcy Phillips. Darcy arranged all the strings on this album, giving it such a dignified, distinct vibe. An ocean separated Bob Rock and me, but we managed to use technology to write together over thousands of miles. It was fast and furious, and I didn’t have time to edit myself or second guess anything. So, this is a different record for me. Two producers, a pandemic, a lesson in my own personal history and looking at all of it through a kinder lens.

We all come from a long line of incredibly strong people. Women, in particular, my ancestors, I am in debt to. I don’t know how they survived being pioneers, constantly forging onward through impossible situations. It’s all very heartbreaking. These songs are about who I am and what I’m made of. A new beginning to an old story.”


Descendant Tracklisting:

  1. Unbreakable
  2. I Belong To Nobody
  3. Descendant
  4. Was I Ever 13
  5. Steady On
  6. Moonbow
  7. Loving You Is like A Job
  8. Love Will Be Waiting
  9. Good For Nothing
  10. Coming Back To You
  11. Horse Country Girl
  12. Hindsight
  13. Pink
  14. In A Moment
  15. Glass Jar





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