October 6, 2021


Jann Arden On Stage! was recorded earlier this year for Jann’s livestream event on May 20thIt will be available exclusively on digital platforms, Friday October 22nd . Jann performs beautifully arranged songs from her highly acclaimed career along with some exciting new selections, including Jann’s interpretation of Paul McCartney’s “Lavatory Lil” which is available to hear now. 

Jann commented on the upcoming digital release: “Making this live stream special was such an uplifting experience. It was recorded smack dab in the middle of such an uncertain time. It was hard not to feel guilty about being together IN PERSON to make music again, but at the same time, our goal was to cheer people on and give them a bit of damn joy! When I listened back to this a few weeks later- I was struck by just that- a sense of joy and well-being. Music continues to be a bright light for human beings all over the planet. I hope you find a bit of joy in these new recordings too.”


  1. 1. Sleepless
  2. 2. Little Bird
  3. 3. Lavatory Lil
  4. 4. I Would Die For You
  5. 5. Love Song
  6. 6. The Way Things Are Going
  7. 7. Insensitive
  8. 8. The Sound Of
  9. 9. Good Mother


Listen to “Lavatory Lil” and Pre-Save the new album HERE

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