April 9, 2015

Jann christens Avalon Waterways’ newest ship

As the ship’s appointed godmother, Jann christened Waterways Avalon Tranquility II in Strasbourg, France April 2, 2015.

Joined by senior Avalon Waterways & Canadian travel industry executives, Jann christened the ship with a traditional ribbon cutting and the release of a bottle of champagne against the ship’s bow.

Jann led the ceremony by giving her blessing, “On this most auspicious day, I stand here among all of you, extremely humbled and grateful for this wonderful opportunity to be a small part of the launch of this glorious vessel and sending her off on her nautical journey. May she navigate the rivers safely and soundly, boldly bringing joy to every soul she meets. I now, proudly, christen this ship: Avalon Tranquility II”.

The 128 passenger, 110 meter vessel which boasts 37 crew members, will sail the waterways through Holland, France, Germany and Switzerland.

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