January 14, 2021

Jann to host Rhine River Cruise April 2022

Jann is pleased to announce that she will be hosting an 8 day sailing on the Rhine with Scenic Luxury River Cruises April 25 – May 2, 2022!

Full details available at scenic.ca/jannarden

“To say that I’m excited about our upcoming SCENIC RIVER CRUISE, in April of 2022, would be a giant understatement! This world-class luxury river cruise, with yours truly, serenading you past some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, will certainly be a one-of-a-kind experience. Join me for a wonderful, whimsical journey through Europe and let your worries float away.” –Jann Arden

Full details available at scenic.ca/jannarden

Jann Arden hosts Rhine River Cruise April 2022. Details at scenic.ca/jannarden

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