May 28, 2010

Q You !!!

Well, I survived my first day of LIVE radio. I mean I have done 40,000 interviews over the past 25 years, but nothing quite as nerve wracking as this morning was. I actually enjoyed the pressure. I think I do best when I am thrown into situations I am not sure of…well, that would cover most of my day to day life! Jian makes it all look so easy. He is a great interviewer…quick on his feet, good looking, great voice….good hair…he’s the package and he has a nice package, (of donuts under his chair cause I ate one) I think I am digging a hole here that I won’t be able to get out of if I keep going….
Anyhoo… was heads up hockey this morning. tomorrow will be better I am sure. I was only scared the first hour and a half and then it was over….

It is hotter than fresh Caramel in Toronto right now. Thank the lord above, someone from the hotel came and fixed my AC. It was a sweaty mess in here last night…the poor dog was trying to find a cold surface to sleep on so she ended up on the bathroom floor. It was like something I would do after too many Martinis. Good thing I didn’t have to shove her out of the was an early night. The CBC sure gets up early. I think the staff sleeps there. Everybody was in the same clothes today. (I am not positive about this so don’t write letters to them) They are very nice people with excellent taste in eye wear. They have lots of great tattoos too. I think they need to do a nude calendar with just their glasses on..they could raise 40ty or 60ty dollars for charity. Just a thought.
I should probably go because my mom’s been calling and I need to tell her that I am ok. She always worries that I will have a heart attack from doing all these crazy things. I told her that the CBC had an ambulance standing by because their budget just got cut and folks were dropping like pies. I go, dialing as we speak.
Hope you’re having a swell day.
thanks for tuning in and not tuning out.


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